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I know we’re in the heart of the 2023 Rookie Season, but I’m already looking at the 2024 NFL Draft Class. I’ll likely be highlighting the higher-end prospects of the 2024 class in the upcoming weeks, and no better place to start with my current RB1: Raheim Sanders.

Sanders showed out as a true freshman in the SEC, playing alongside Treylon Burks. The 18-year-old ran for just 578 yards but averaged 5.1 yards per carry and added 11 catches through the air. Nothing crazy, but it’s what we want to see as a freshman. Fast-forward a year, and the Second-Team All-SEC RB is running for well over 1400 yards, and 10 TDs while also adding 28 catches and 2 TDs through the air. Not bad. What’s most exciting about Sanders is that he had the speed/size combo we love to see. Sanders currently measures in at 6’ 2”, 227 lbs, and is being penciled in to run between a 4.44 and 4.49 40-yard dash. At 227, running a 4.44 40 would give him a 116.8-speed score, which is fantastic.

I’m really excited for what Sanders projects to be at the NFL level. As mentioned earlier, he is my RB1 right now and solidly in my Tier 1 for the 2024 RB Class.

Underdog continues to be where a lot of my time is being spent at this stage of the offseason. The Poodle 2 is live this week with an affordable max entry of $140, giving you 20 shots at the $60,000 grand prize. Don’t delay though, these accessible max-entry tournaments fill quickly. Check out some of the biggest swings in ADP on Underdog this week below.

Joe Mixon - The Bengals have no incentive to cut Joe Mixon with the departure of Samaje Perine this offseason. I expect Mixon to see a similarly high opportunity share as 2022 on this high-powered offense. His criminal ADP of 59.0 as a back-end 5th rounder is trending up eight spots this week which I am still comfortable with. He belongs closer to the 3rd or 4th than the 6th, given his projected opportunity.

Rashod Bateman - As a prospect, “Shoddy B” was hyped and loved by myself and many others in our community. Heading into year three, we still haven’t witnessed the full potential of Bateman, but perhaps that is about to change under Todd Monken as the new offensive coordinator. He is up ten spots this week with an ADP of 96.0 as drafters warm up to the idea that Bateman could see the most targets of his career under a pass-focused approach in Baltimore this season.

Antonio Gibson - Love him or hate him, Gibson is still being talked about in 2023. The Commanders have a new offensive coordinator this year in Eric Bieniemy, so it remains to be seen how he will deploy this backfield. Gibson had an impressive 12% target share in that offense last season, so I hope he continues to be used in the receiving game, similar to Jerrick McKinnon. He is up eight spots in ADP this week, sitting at 121.9 overall as the RB39. Give me all the Gibson at that price.

Nico Collins - Last but not least is a community favorite getting more love on Underdog, and that’s Nico Collins. He offers a huge target for CJ Stroud at 6’4” 215 lbs and could see a sizable role in this offense as a possession wide receiver on a team devoid of a true number one. He is up 12.6 spots in ADP as the WR62 in this format, being taken in the middle of the 12th round as a deeper best-ball target. I love the shares I have when he was going much later in the 15th and 16th rounds at the start of the offseason.


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Beyond the Mic🎙

Your league's rookie draft is in the rearview mirror, and for some, it is just time to wait for the NFL season to kick off. While some take this approach, that better not be you. Now is the time when you need to play up little edges in your league to try and gain as much dynasty value for your team and better position your team for short and long-term dynasty success.

The first thing you need to do is understand your league. If it is a lineup league with a shorter bench, you don’t want to waste bench spots on receivers who fall into the roster clogger territory or tight ends which don’t have much value in the format, even if they get a little bump in value. Switch that to a lineup league that rosters 35 to 40 players, and you need to add guys that have a pulse. As always, any RB on a 53, but here you will take some tight ends which may get a bump in value, as well as quarterbacks who project to be backups but are an injury away from getting spot start weeks and ultimately then can be moved for a slight profit.

When you get to bestball, it is a completely different situation where you now need to put more emphasis on receivers which you don’t care about in lineup leagues, and ultimately want to avoid too many running backs who won’t see regular work without multiple injuries to guys in front of him on the depth chart. If you have been listening to Mike and myself for a while and you’ve built extreme depth, right now may be a good time to look at craft fully tiering up if the right deal comes along so that you can also take advantage of possible hidden gems on the waiver wire. And if you don’t have a lot of depth, it is time to take a good look in the mirror and cut bait on guys that clearly don’t have any value, but for some reason, you can not get yourself to part with, so that you can pick up free agents in your league which may get value bumps and possibly appeal to others in your league.

This week I want to look at some Wide Receivers who went late in this draft that I have a little bit of interest in. Now these guys I am going to mention are mainly for deeper leagues (35+ roster spot leagues) or leagues with Taxi Squad, where you can stash these players for a year. In leagues with fewer players than the above-mentioned, these guys should probably be left on waiver wires for now. They are what we call roster cloggers in fantasy.

The first one I want to bring up is Charlie Jones, who went to the Bengals in Round 4. Charlie Jones was a guy I liked a little bit. He is an older prospect though, which we don’t love, but Charlie showed off 4.43 wheels at the combine and has really good hands. A lot of people have pegged him as a Tyler Boyd replacement next year, although he didn’t play much in the slot in college at Purdue. He bounced around from a few teams in college, with his final year going to a pass-happy offense at Purdue. He produced 110 catches, 1,300+ yards, and 12 TDs. I think Jones can play a lot of different spots here for the Bengals and connected to Joe Burrow. I want to hold onto Charlie Jones and see what happens here.

Next one up is the fifth-round draft of the LA Rams, Puka Nacua from BYU. Nacua, first off, needs to stay healthy. He has a checkered past of getting nicked up at the college level, so if he wants to do something in the NFL, he’s going to need to be more durable. However, I think in this type of Rams offense, Nacua can be a nice little weapon as an upgrade over Ben Skowronek. Nacua is a great zone beater, and good in one on one situations which he should see plenty of with Kupp taking more attention away. He’s not the speed demon some other WRs are, but he just has a knack for getting open, kind of like Cooper Kupp, in a way. Nacua is someone I want to stash.

The last one I want to bring up is A.T. Perry, who went to New Orleans in Round 6. A.T. Perry ran a 4.47 at the combine, but he’s not a guy on tape who shows that type of speed. Perry is a bigger body outside WR who has really good ball skills, good route runner, great body control as well. He needs to bulk up a little bit and get stronger, but I think this was a nice pick in Round 6 and a good steal for the Saints. Michael Thomas is a guy who’s not going to be there much longer, after that, Olave and Shaheed are smaller guys. Marquez Callaway is gone as well, so having a little bit of a bigger body there for the Saints isn’t there. It may take Perry a season or two to finally hit his stride, but I like the upside here of A.T. Perry. If it’s a shallow league, I’ll pass, but in those deeper leagues, I mentioned earlier. Perry is a guy I will hold on my taxi squad and see what happens.

Hopefully, these are a few targets you can get late in your rookie draft or, in most cases, for free off your waiver wires post-draft.

Last week we talked about how wild it is having Dalton Kincaid at TE6, according to Keep Trade Cut. Sticking with the TE position, we will explore a couple of TEs we may want to trade away this off-season. I am operating under a 1.5 TEP, so if you are in a 2TE league or heavier TEP, these trades are subject to change.

Let’s start with some spice. Kyle Pitts. Currently listed as KTC TE2, Pitts is someone whose actual value will vary from league to league. On one side, you have a 22-year-old who is uber-talented and finished with 1,000 yards as a rookie. On the other, you see an offense that is run-focused, has a young inefficient QB, and concerns about WHEN we will see the breakout after a step back in year 2. Since you have people that believe both narratives, he is both a buy and sell, depending on your league. If you have him, I would be looking for two 1sts value in return. Ideally, you explore a move to give you added production and a 1st on top. I start by targeting the bottom-feeder teams that appear to be non-playoff teams and go after their 1st. Something along the lines of Engram and a 24 1st. I have gone as gross as Dalton Schultz and locked in top 4 24 1st where I can get potential replacement production in Schultz, AND I get a shot at the top 4 in the class next year.

A top sell of mine this offseason is Dallas Goedert. I know people love him and think he is on the rise, but he is more likely at his peak, and capitalizing on the value is something to pursue. Goedert averaged 5.75 targets per game which is almost identical to Dulcich and Njoku but less than Schultz, Engram, Freiermuth, and Higbee. Combining that with AJ Brown and Smitty being the clear #1 and #2 options in the offense, it becomes harder to see Goedert ever getting enough targets to be a true difference-maker at the position. He had a 13.49 target % which ranked TE13 behind Tyler Conklin, Njoku, Kmet, Schultz, Engram, Higbee, and Freiermuth. I bring up some of these names because these may be ideal targets when moving off a guy like Goedert. This information lets me know that I can get the same or better production based on targets per game and target share within the offense. A sneaky trade idea is going after Engram or Freiermuth and a 24 1st while giving up Goedert and a 2nd. Not only are you getting replaceable production, but there is a chance that this time next year, you now own the higher valued TE and pick swapped a 2nd into a 1st.

In terms of WoRP, TE5 gives us a similar return to RB16 or WR22, which puts us in a flat tier. So, if you have a TE in this range, like Goedert, or is being valued in the top 6, Pitts, we want to see how you can move within the flat range while adding pieces to improve our overall rosters.

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