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  • ⛽️🔥Bengals & OBJ Love for SuperBowl Week - All Gas Newsletter February 11th

⛽️🔥Bengals & OBJ Love for SuperBowl Week - All Gas Newsletter February 11th

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Good Morning, Good Morning, Good People

This is the All-Gas Newsletter #6. This week's content schedule for Wake Up with Ray G. A dive into our analytical database with Jordan Backes, and all of our great shows on the network are easy to find for your enjoyment. Enjoy what got cooked up and subscribe for more, this is only the beginning. Tell your friends about our Newsletter, we would greatly appreciate it! #allgas

Prop Lock & Drop it

Yes, we are sticking with the Cincinnati Bengals even after an entire week of research I am rolling with the Bengals to cover +4.5 as I mentioned last week. So that's where I am at on the Super Bowl. I also have a couple of bets for MVP if y'all wanna shoot for the moon with me.

Jesse Bates 200/1, Leonard Floyd 200/1, Trey Hendrickson 80/1 & Money Mac 50/1. I am talking 5-10$ on these guys max, don't do anything crazy now.

Let's Talk about OBJ for a Minute

Odell Beckham Jr. has been improving every single week since joining the Rams and this has continued throughout the playoffs. A player that nobody wanted and was waived this year is now playing for a Super Bowl. This week I am looking at OVERS for Odell and there are a few reasons why. I want to give a shootout to @JordanVanekDFS for bringing this to my attention.

The Bengals' primary defense in the playoffs has been Cover 3 and Cover 4 over 40% of the time. Since joining the Rams Odell has 312 yards against these coverages, with Cooper Kupp having 391. To even be close to Kupp in any category after how slow he started is something to make note of. Beckham has also been the Rams leader in Targets, Yards, and Receptions in the playoffs so far. The Bengals are susceptible to deeper routes such as, Go's, Seams, Deep Crossers, and Beckham leads the team in these routes. This is somewhat of a perfect storm for Stafford to key in on Odell again since we know Kupp will demand top coverage.

If you want another reason to take Matt Stafford to throw an interception. As I mentioned the Bengals run primarily Cover 3 and Cover 4. He has thrown 10 of his 17 interceptions against this coverage this year.

2022 Mock Draft 6.0 1st and 2nd Round

2022 Rookie Mock Draft 6.0! Rookie mock draft season is here, and there's not a better place to get your rookie draft information than right there! We took a look at the 1st round from our first mock since the Senior Bowl as we turn up in the coming weeks with the help of the Prospect Talk Patreons - here's 6.0 of our Dynasty Superflex mock draft for the 2022 Rookie Class.

What's Coming This Week

Monday, Feb 14th - ESPN's Jordan Reid Mock Draft Review

We know y'all love when we analyze these top draft picks, so we are turning to one of our friends in the industry ESPN draft analyst Jordan Reid. We are going to break down his latest mock draft, for team fits, how he views this draft class overall, and some of the differences between the fantasy community and the draft community.

Tuesday, Feb 15th - Treylon Burks Prospect Profile

We will break down the beast out of Arkansas. The 6'3, 225lb big dawg has been pegged by Ray as the top WR since last year. Will he look the part when we dive deep into who he is as a prospect and how far he's come in his time at Arkansas? Let's get into it this Tuesday, this will be a fun show.

Wednesday, Feb 16th - Hump Day Q&A!

Y'all have been asking us great questions and with the week off we know there will be plenty surrounding the senior bowl, some trades you made, and other things as well. So be on the lookout Monday for a tweet from the Twitter account @_WakeUpTV for where you can submit your questions.

Thursday, Feb 17th - Live 1QB Mock Draft

The people have been asking for a long time and so we are going to do a mock draft LIVE that is 1QB where our live audience will mock draft but each pick will be heavily scrutinized by Ray. So come for the mock and stay for the roast. We will have some fun on Thursday.

Malik Willis, QB Liberty

For the second week in a row, we will be highlighting a Senior Bowl standout. The Malik Willis hype train has been rolling for over a week now, and we aren't going to be the ones to stop it. After barely playing his first two years at Auburn, Willis took his rocket arm and rushing ability to Liberty University. He immediately took the NCAA by storm by combining for nearly 3200 total yards and 34 touchdowns in 10 games during his first year. He then followed that up with nearly 3500 total yards and 40 touchdowns in 2021.

What really matters, at least for us, is will he score fantasy points? All three of his advanced metrics are exactly what we want to see for a fantasy football QB prospect. His college QBR, adjusted yards per attempt, and rushing production are all above average, making him an ideal fantasy QB in all formats. Malik Willis will end up being an early to mid 1st round pick in Superflex rookie drafts and a QB I'm willing to take in the 2nd round in 1QB leagues.

For all of the great information provided by Jordan Backes make sure you check out his analytical database as part of the 4-Star membership to Prospect Talk. He dives deep into all of this data so you don't have to, but to have access to all of it, you have to be a member of the 4-star tier on Patreon. Sign up by clicking the banner above.


This week Ray took our patrons through his Prospect Film Grades for all of the running backs in the 2022 Draft Class. So if you're looking for his favorite RB sleepers just based on his film grades, make sure you are subscribed. If you're not a patron and would like to see all of Ray's film breakdowns sign up for a 3-Star membership or higher to get access to those. Click the banner above to find out more about the memberships we have over on Patreon.

Elite Seeker Spotlight: QB Gabarri Johnson

High school class of 2023 quarterback Gabarri Johnson is a name that is flying way too far under the radar when considering how the game is evolving. I mean did anyone watch what Bryce Young was able to do this year with a strong arm and elite feet to keep plays alive?

Gabarri, who stands 6’1 200lbs, is out of Lincoln HS in Tacoma, WA (home of former NFL QB Jon Kitna). He's coming off of a playoff season in which he threw for 2222 yards, 28 touchdowns, only 2 INTs. He also rushed for over 700 yards and scored another 15 TDs on the ground. Not bad for 9 games against some of the best competition Washington has to offer. Coming off of a 7v7 MVP performance at the Space Needle Shootout, I expect Gabarri to continue to rise. He tore it up throwing to USC commit CJ Williams (‘22), top ‘23 WR recruit DeAndre Moore Jr, and ‘23 RB Jayden Limar on the 7v7 national circuit with #TeamFSP.

The 4 star QB has 8 offers currently on the board but only one from the SEC so far (Arkansas). His goal is to play against the best and he knows that means going to the SEC. Will he be the next west coast QB lighting the south on fire a la Bryce Young? I think there is a great chance and you should too!

In episode 46, @TheBenEby brings back a fan favorite from last year, the ELITE REGION SERIES! This series covers the top prospect at QB, RB, WR, and TE for major regions around the country. The kickoff episode of the series focused on Ben’s home region, the PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

Adam (@atm4dchess) and Mike (@iowamichael) dive into the quarterback landscape in Superflex leagues. QB rankings and tiers. Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are at the top. Herbs, K1 and Joe Brrrr. Dak and Lamar. Tier 3. 2021 Rookie Class. Lance, TLaw, Fields? Pick your flavor.

Tee Higgins alpha props Off The Line Fantasy Football Ep 14: Gene @FantasyGenes and Ike @Just_Ike09 bring you a very special Super (Bowl) show. Previewing the key matchups of Super Bowl 56. Favorite bets for the big game - game-winner Super Bowl MVP Coin toss, INT's & halftime show. Top props, additional long shot parlay's & more.

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