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  • ⛽️🔥Championship Weekend Madness - All Gas Newsletter Jan 29th

⛽️🔥Championship Weekend Madness - All Gas Newsletter Jan 29th

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Good Morning, Good Morning, Good People

This is the All-Gas Newsletter for Championship Weekend of the NFL Playoffs. We are bringing our favorite props of the week, so you can Prop Lock & Drop it with us. This week's content schedule for Wake Up with Ray G. A dive into our analytical database with Jordan Backes, and all of our great shows on the network are easy to find for your enjoyment. Enjoy what got cooked up and subscribe for more, this is only the beginning. Tell your friends about our Newsletter, we would greatly appreciate it! #allgas

Prop Lock & Drop it

Tee Higgins often gets lost in the shadow of Ja'Marr Chase, even though he is supremely talented in his own right. Last week our #1 target was Chase and he smashed his props. This week he is getting much more respect in the betting market and I am pivoting to Higgins who we know won't see top coverage. While Higgins has been a little inconsistent, the Chiefs cannot afford to leave chase single covered after what happened in week 17. This will open up more targets for Higgins like we saw last week against the Titans. The Bengals will have to throw the ball to win the game and we know they trust Burrow to do just that. Many are placing over bets in the KC-CIN game, and this is one of our favorite values. Gabe Davis just went off for 200 yards and 4 TDs as the #2 for Buffalo. If you are playing on PrizePicks make sure to include it in your plays

Other plays we like this week on Prizepicks ranked by confidence

  1. Patrick Mahomes O26.5 Rushing Yards

  2. Joe Burrow O 280.5 Passing Yards

  3. Cam Akers O15.5 Receiving Yards

  4. Joe Mixon U 51.5 Rushing Yards

  5. Ja'Marr Chase O 84.5 Rec Yards

Isaiah Spiller Prospect Profile

Isaiah Spiller has been a model of consistency since stepping on campus at Texas A&M. His incredible footwork and burst are the main attributes that he could be the top running back prospect in the 2022 NFL draft class. Ray is back breaking down the top prospects from the 2022 NFL draft starting with who these players were as recruits and catching you up all the way to them as draft prospects. He will break down some film. dive into the analytics and give you a full picture of who Isaiah Spiller is as an NFL prospect. Where we can expect him to go in rookie drafts and how the NFL views him.

What's Coming This Week

This coming week is the Reese's Senior Bowl! Ray is headed to Mobile, AL, to take a closer look at these prospects up close and personal. So we will likely have a vlog released mid-week to give y'all the senior bowl experience through the eyes of Ray. Then we will be doing a full recap of his time at the senior bowl on Thursday, February 3rd, so be sure to tap in for that.

David Bell WR, Purdue

Purdue's WR David Bell burst onto the collegiate scene during his freshman year, dominating in the Big Ten. Two and a half years later, we're looking at him as one of the top WRs in the 2022 Class. Bell, in three years, commanded a 25.7% reception share and had an average dominator rating of 27.8%. Needless to say, Bell was a terror for Big Ten defensive backs. The production numbers speak for themselves, but his athletic measurables and draft capital will largely factor into his entire picture. As of right now, NFL Mock Draft Database has Bell as a top 50 pick. If that holds true, Bell will be a sure-fire Round 1 Rookie Draft selection and could push for the back of the 1st in Superflex drafts.

For all of the great information provided by Jordan Backes make sure you check out his analytical database as part of the 4-Star membership to Prospect Talk. Ray recently did a Film Breakdown of Brian Robinson, and if you'd like to see all of Ray's film breakdowns sign up for a 3-Star membership or higher to get access to those. Click the banner above to find out more about the memberships we have over on Patreon.

How High is too High for this Late Rising WR Recruit?

At 5’10 175lb, incoming freshman Isaiah Bond is a problem. He’s a WR/CB who recently signed with Alabama during the early signing period and is 2025 draft-eligible. What stands out about Bond are his long arms that he takes every advantage of on both sides of the ball. When watching his film, Bond's speed shows up right away. Track level speed, with ankle-breaking quickness that leaves his defenders in the dust more often than not. Sound familiar? That’s because his style mirrors what we saw from Jaylen Waddle at Alabama, and now for the Miami Dolphins.

Bond's blistering speed, eye-popping athleticism, and elite change of direction will be something Saban is going to love to fit into their offense. He is a perfect replacement after the loss of Williams and Metchie to the 2022 NFL Draft. I still love JoJo Earle in the deep-threat role for the Tide but things are going to be VERY interesting when Georgia Transfer Jermaine Burton steps onto campus! We will have to keep a very close eye on these guys during spring practices to make sure we target the right players in our devy & C2C leagues this offseason.

In episode 44, @TheBenEby talks a bit about the ongoing saga of where star QBs Caleb Williams and Jaxson Dart will end up! Ole Miss, USC, TCU, Oklahoma, etc. Soooo many schools but so few answers around where these guys could become program-changing faces.

Just a heads up we will be moving EliteSeekers to TUESDAY release so be on the lookout for it to drop on Tuesdays now instead of Fridays.

Adam (@atm4dchess) and Mike (@iowamichael) dive into picking a direction and why it is so pivotal to your success, whether that is this year or in 3 years. 2022 Playoff Recap. How to identify if you are a contender. When in doubt tear it down. Playing the long game. Fear of rebuilding and missing on draft picks. Draft pick hoarding and leveraging multiple first rounds in the same class. As a contender draft capital still matters. Assessing your contending roster and being honest about its strength.

Gene @FantasyGenes and Ike @Just_Ike09: Recap the divisional round games aka the best football weekend of all time. Josh Allen & Patrick Mahomes put on a show for the ages. Matthew Stafford has arrived. What’s next for the Saints skill players w/ Sean Payton’s departure. Have the Packers & Bucs have seen the last of their respective QB’s? Gabriel Davis & Derrick Henry’s dynasty value. Top props of championship weekend & more.

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