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Destination Devy has been a staple in the fantasy community for over three years. Y'all know prospect identification and evaluation is the name of the game in dynasty fantasy football. Destination Devy is the place to be to get ahead and stay ahead of your league mates. Founded by Ray G, we aim to give you actionable and some of the most entertaining football content on the planet. Dynasty fantasy football is a game of chess, not checkers. The more you know about college prospects and upcoming classes, the better equipped you will be to position your dynasty rosters for short and long-term success. Tap into the best community for that below! Enjoy!

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Reacting to the bombardment of new information from training camp and preseason brings to life even the most dormant home leagues this time of year. With many more casual drafters entering Underdog tournaments, you may find yourself in a draft room you have an edge over. Earlier today, I watched someone take Justin Herbert in the first round and continue to make many more sub-optimal decisions through the draft. Capitalize on free value when irrational choices happen ahead of you.

Be mindful that a contest like BBM4 has been going on for months, and many shares of today’s hype pieces exist at significantly better ADP than where they go today. I would rather be contrarian and take any discounts I can have on players with negative perceptions, particularly in the early rounds. Cooper Kupp and Jonathan Taylor are risky but offer tremendous rewards to your roster when healthy. It’s not easy to find deals on these elite talents; take advantage while you can before the narrative shifts.


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It’s officially preseason week 1! It’ll be exciting to see various players get in-game reps in these upcoming preseason games, but let’s hope for no injuries along the way. Here are a couple more updates on some players who are dealing with injuries over the last week:

Jaylen Waddle walked off the field with an undisclosed injury on Wednesday, and we still don’t have any updates on his situation. Based on beat writer reports, it either occurred as he got hit while making a catch or after he landed. He was grabbing near his midsection/side, so my best guess here is that it’s a rib injury. I do think it’s probably minor, but the only thing that makes me wonder if it’s more serious is that we haven’t heard an official update on his status yet from coaches. Operate as if it’s minor until we hear otherwise.

Miles Sanders reportedly suffered a minor groin strain on Wednesday in practice. Most likely this is low concern, but given Sanders’ injury history with a litany of soft tissue injuries in the past, just keep a close eye on his status. I’ll be curious if he’ll be able to sustain a big workload this coming season in his new role with the Panthers. Stash Chuba Hubbard.

Chase Claypool joins the list of soft tissue injuries suffered in camp, but I continue to believe it’s a low-grade hamstring strain. He was seen moving around a bit with the team, and typically if it’s more concerning, the player would remain inside with trainers for treatment.

The panic on Joe Burrow this week was real. My projection hasn’t changed that I believe he will return to practice within the next 1-2 weeks and be just fine for week 1. People took what Zac Taylor said and ran with it, likely assuming he meant a couple more weeks on top of the initial couple of weeks timeline. I believe he meant that the timeline is still “a couple of weeks,” essentially a “no update” comment. Everyone calm down.

Rashod Bateman is seen here moving pretty well, showing an initial burst off of the line and accelerating off of his left foot. He appears to be moving at full speed, which is good news for the Ravens. The key to his status for the season will be how his foot responds to increases in loading this time around after the first attempts led to inflammation/irritation at the hardware site. If he can ramp up these next few weeks without setbacks, I’d expect him to be active and probably at least 60% snaps in week 1.

Follow me @jmthrivept for live updates over the off-season.

Beyond the Mic🎙

The TE position in fantasy football is, by & large, a dumpster fire year after year. We can all reasonably conclude that having Travis Kelce provides fantasy managers with a sizable positional advantage over the rest of the league. (Kelce was +6 ppr ppg & 5.3 half-ppr ppg ahead of 2nd place in ‘22). 8 TEs in 2022 averaged 10+ ppr ppg - Travis Kelce, Mark Andrews, Dallas Goedert, TJ Hockenson, Evan Engram, Zach Ertz, David Njoku & George Kittle.

Over the years, many fantasy managers have adopted a strategy of either “TE early,” which includes Kelce, Andrews, etc., or just completely punting the position until much later in the draft. 2023 appears to be one of those years where waiting until the later rounds (Pick 100 & later) makes more sense from a roster build standpoint & value perspective. Over the past five years, nearly half of the TEs that have finished top 5 in PPR leagues have been drafted after pick 100 (Engram & Hockenson last season).

Who is one guy that you need to be targeting? Broncos 2nd year TE Greg Dulcich - who currently has an ADP of TE12 on Underdog (Pick 126). When it comes to break-out TEs (drafted late), you want guys entering their 2nd or 3rd season, as we’ve seen players like George Kittle in 2018 fit this bill while having decent efficiency metrics the prior season. Insert Dulcich in 2023, who is poised for a breakout & has the confidence of new HC Sean Payton as he labeled him as his “joker,” - which is a player in his system that can line up & create mismatches in many areas of the field. In 2022, Dulcich had very encouraging peripherals:

  • 43.1 ypg as a rookie (1 of 5 TEs drafted in 1st three rounds to do so)

  • 4th highest rookie TE target share since 2012 (17.6%)

  • Five top 12 finishes from Week 6 on

  • Six catches of 20+ yards

  • Three catches of 30+ yards

  • 3rd in aDot and deep targets

It is also worth noting that Sean Payton has had 4 TEs finish in the Top 10 in fantasy. There is a lot to like about Greg Dulcich in 2023 & it is not out of the realm of possibility that he could finish 2nd on the team in targets and/or perhaps challenge as the target leader in that (should be improved) Broncos offense. He is currently my 2nd highest-drafted TE on Underdog. I’m all in!

As I sit here in the Akron airport bar, ready to go to the fantasy expo for the weekend. I can't help but think back to last week's Untitled Pod. The question of why we do this has stuck with me throughout this week. There will be no player takes or analytics in this piece. But I think it's a good time before we really get into the thick of the season to explain to you why I do this. And hopefully, with that, provide a more human experience and connection to the content you'll be hearing from me and all of DD for the rest of the 2023 season and beyond.

The question posed to us all by Ray:

Why do you play fantasy football, create or consume content? Is it for community or money? Does it give you a sense of worth?

My response:

-Started with a love for the game of football

-Leveled up with all in a plunge into dynasty

-Evolved with joining @DestinationDevy

-Found a calling for creating content to involve myself even more with one of the things I enjoy most in life

At the core of it all, I love the game of football. I really, truly love football. And the way that I have connected with it most since high school is through fantasy. But it doesn't just bring back the feelings of the game it brings back the commodore of the team environment.

Working to something as part of this team with Destination Devy. With the main goal being to provide you with the most actionable content to win your fantasy leagues. I truly believe that we do that here better than anywhere else in the space.

The strategy that this game provides to us is to dissect. The levels it takes to truly interpret how best to attack a league each and every week. How best to evaluate what we know is a foolish attempt to predict the coming season. And while it may be foolish, it's going to prepare us better for the unexpected than anyone else is going to be. That, at its core... is just football.

I hope that I, and we, with Chase on The Overreaction pod, continue to do that for you each and every week. I hope that it shows the effort that every content creator in this community puts into do what we love doing each and every week. I can't thank y'all enough for rocking with Destination Devy. I can't thank Ray enough for building this platform and allowing us to be a part of it. And I can't wait to continue to do what I love doing more than anything else and help y'all win your fantasy leagues for 2023 and beyond.

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