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⛽️🔥 Feed Zeke, The Case for Justin Fields, 2022 Rookie Redo ADP

College WR Metrics, Training camp injuries, and More

Destination Devy has been a staple in the fantasy community for over three years. Y'all know prospect identification and evaluation is the name of the game in dynasty fantasy football. Destination Devy is the place to be to get ahead and stay ahead of your league mates. Founded by Ray G, we aim to give you actionable and some of the most entertaining football content on the planet. Dynasty fantasy football is a game of chess, not checkers. The more you know about college prospects and upcoming classes, the better equipped you will be to position your dynasty rosters for short and long-term success. Tap into the best community for that below! Enjoy!



Zeke Elliot is looking to rebound from a season where he saw a career low in carries (237) and barely eclipsed 1000 rushing yards. Keep in mind Zeke was dealing with an injury to his PCL and wasn't even close to 100% in the second half of the season. Dallas' offensive line struggled mightily last year, and they lost Connor Williams and La'El Collins. Dallas did add the athletic mauler Tyler Smith in the first round of the NFL Draft and Tyron Smith appears to be healthy (for now) which should bode well for the team. With the Cowboys WR room on life support, the Cowboys won't have a choice but to RUN THE DAMN BALL this fall. For all the hate Elliot gets, he's proven to be one of the most durable backs in the NFL and you better believe Jerry Jones will get his money's worth from the former All-Pro in 2022. If Zeke rushes for less than 876 yards, that would be the lowest rushing total of his career by over 100 yards, which includes his 10-game season in 2016. Don't be silly folks, as long as Elliot is healthy this is a SMASH OVER play - that I would love to pair with any of the numbers we've talked about previously in the newsletter.

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College Football Previews-Wide Receivers

In part three of our NCAA Preview, we’ll look at the 2023 and 2024 wide receivers this week. Of course, we have Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Kayshon Boutte leading the WR1 charge, but who’s after them? Can Jordan Addison ascend into that WR1 chair with Caleb Willimas and Lincoln Riley at USC?

One thing to keep in mind when looking at these metrics is the COVID-19 effect, especially for our 2024 prospects. Very few 2024 WR high-profile high school recruits saw much time on the field due to the super seniors sticking around another year. From the list below, only Xavier Worthy, Jack Bech, Beaux Collins, Malik Nabers, and Keagan Johnson saw more than 200 snaps last year. I expect more 2024 WR prospects to see more action this upcoming season.

As always, we have a variety of prospects here. We have guys that will be prototypical X WRs at the NFL level, and we also have guys that project into PPR slot machines. Whatever your type of WR is, we have it for you on our list.

The production metrics below are some of the analytics I look at when evaluating WR performance and what actually translates to fantasy football success at the NFL level. There are a few volume-based stats and an efficiency-based metric with yards per route run. Descriptions for each statistic are listed at the bottom of the graphic.

This is just one SMALL part of the work that goes into JB's analytic database. To gain access to these types of charts and much more subscribe at the All-American level tier below!

Now that we have some preseason football going on, it was suggested that we do some rookie redo mocks for the 2022 class and see how things have changed with our prior convictions.

One of the most notable names for me is George Pickens who is having a brilliant camp and has a ton of hype due to his physical play. Pickens was routinely the 1.12 in most of my leagues and even fell into the mid-2nd in some, but he finished the weekend with an ADP of 8.8, and honestly, I think most people would go higher still as people want to chase the next Justin Jefferson.

Kenny Pickett has been a polarizing name from this class since day one and he finds himself finishing these redo mocks as our 1.11. The quarterback position is incredibly important in Superflex leagues which is why Pickett was routinely drafted in the middle of the first in most of my leagues and even as high as an early first in the spring. Pickett has room to increase in value should he be announced the starter over Mitch Trubisky, but for now the uncertainty has most drafters pivoting to the remaining skill position players on the board.

As a whole, I wanted to comment on how the second round of these rookie drafts actually doesn’t feel as bad as it did back in the spring. A lot of these second-round guys have some decent hype already leading into the season, which if you are rostering the likes of Dameon Pierce, Brian Robinson, or Jalen Tolbert you can turn a profit or ride the wave if you are high on them. I personally was never planning to build my roster around this 2022 class so I will be looking to sell this hype and pivot to more proven assets where I can on these second-rounders.

Click below for the 2022 rookie redo ADP

The big news this week revolves around the Seahawks' running backs. Rashaad Penny recently returned from a mild groin strain, however, rookie Kenneth Walker has required surgery for an unspecified hernia-like injury. Leave it to Pete Carroll to give us absolutely zero actionable intel (he really is the worst when it comes to injury information). My best-educated guess is that this is an inguinal hernia and not a sports hernia given the quick decision to move towards surgical repair and that Walker takes roughly two weeks to return to football activity and is able to return to play within 3-6 weeks. If we find out later that it’s a sports hernia, I would plan on him being out closer to 8-9 weeks, but I’m leaning toward the shorter time frame on this one. There is typically a production dip early on upon return, so you might be able to get Walker on a discount in upcoming drafts or if dynasty managers are panicking.

JK Dobbins is reported “kind of back on track”, whatever that means from John Harbaugh. I have stated that I believe Dobbins will be active for Week 1, but I am now starting to question that thought. He has yet to practice against the defense, sticking primarily to individual drills and has looked like a shell of himself in posted videos from those drills. If he is active in Week 1, that’s good news for a possible mid-season surge, but if he is inactive then we may not see his production ramp up until late-season, near the fantasy playoffs. Stash Mike Davis.

Joe Burrow has some managers panicked after losing a speculated 20 pounds after his appendix burst and required surgery. The good news is he is not an RB or WR, with most of his quarterback movements returning within the first one to two weeks of returning to practice. His biggest challenge will be regaining his playing weight as well as conditioning, but I have little concern about his ability to perform at a high level by Week 1.

Elijah Mitchell is projected to miss the rest of preseason due to a hamstring strain, which is problematic for his week one production projection. Hamstring strains are common following knee surgeries (think AJ Brown last year and into preseason/camp), so I do believe there’s a decent chance this does not follow him into the regular season. Mitchell has one of the highest RB injury risk profiles going into 2022 and missing time in camp/preseason is generally not good for in-season availability, so have backup options available. It does appear that Jeff Wilson will handle RB2 duties, at least in the early season.

Keep an eye on: Miles Sanders, Cam Akers, and Darrell Henderson have all been held out recently due to soft tissue injuries. Reportedly mild, but all have past injury history that increases risk.


This trade is brought to you by the good people of DD in our exclusive trade channel where we only post and discuss dynasty trades. The basics here are 12-Team Dynasty Superflex Tight End Premium.

Well, what do we have here? I’m still trying to wrap my head around how Pitts went for so cheap. TEP or NonTEP he’s a damn unicorn. I broke this trade down in my head like this- 23 1sts cancel out, Pitts for JK Pierce and Wandale…. I still want Pitts. The top side got a free 24 1st and a free Gallup. COME ON MAN! Even if the bottom 23 1st is early, and the top one is late, Gallup and the 24 1st more than makes up for it. Ridiculous value DaveBroooo got here with the Pitts side of this deal.

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Beyond the Mic🎙

@IowaMike helps us with getting in correct position to make moves in our dynasty leagues

Adjust to your league's market. It feels like we have been told this since we started playing. While there is some truth to this and you should adapt, I think sometimes it’s taken way too far. A savvy manager can actually set the market and push and pull if done right. Leaguemates devaluing a position, good, horde the piss out of it. Kick them in the teeth when they come knocking. Think of it like creating a run in a startup. It only takes ONE other manager to cave for the panic and chasing to begin. Happy hunting my friends.

You can check out all the content that the 4D Guys dropped this past week ⬇️

 @FantasyGenes tells us which Seahawks WR should you own this season?

Pete “King of Establishing the Run” Carroll is a detriment to the Seattle offense with his 1970s approach. He has run off the best QB the franchise has ever had in Russell Wilson and now they are stuck with Geno Smith or Drew Lock. So because of the ineptness of the QB room, one of my bold predictions for 2022 is Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf will finish outside of the Top 24.

We got a glimpse of the offense with Geno Smith at the helm during Weeks 6-8 last season and it was ok. Lockett had finishes of WR69, WR 74, and WR5 and DK had WR 33, WR12, and WR9 finishes according to PlayerProfiler.com.

With the mix of terrible QBs, PFF's worst-graded OL coming into the season, and Pete's effort to run the ball more, I do not see either one of these WRs paying off at current ADP and that will have them finishing outside the Top 24.

Justin Fields is top What???@just_ike09 makes the case for the Bears QB

The offensive environment for Justin Fields in Chicago leaves a lot to be desired regarding his barren receiving corps (sans Darnell Mooney) & questionable offensive line. However, he does have a new offensive coordinator & head coach who should implement a philosophy that highlights his strengths (running ability & shots down the field) to put him in more advantageous situations.

To close the 2021 season, he finished as a top 10 QB in 4 out of his last five starts. In the same span, he averaged just shy of 20 fppg, including one of over 25+. Across his previous seven starts, he had 361 rushing yards which would’ve put him on pace for 877 in a full 17 games. He doesn’t need to be a great passer to be a fantasy football cheat code due to his rushing ability.

He still carries some significant upside & is one of the best values in fantasy drafts; he is currently being drafted as the QB16 (130 overall, Round 11.10). With all that said, Justin Fields will be another late-round QB gem & finish the 2022 season as a Top 8 fantasy QB!

 @EricVanekNFL gives out his week 1 winners of the preseason.

Preseason Week 1 is in the books and now Preseason Week 2 is here. I want to give you a few guys who stood out in Week 1 in the preseason that you can target now in trades and/or pick up your waiver wires.

The first one up is RB Jerome Ford for the Cleveland Browns. Man, did Ford look impressive. He had ten carries for 57 yards, a Touchdown, four catches for 45 yards, and another touchdown. Absolutely electric in the open field, Ford has a tremendous motor. He still needs to work a little on hitting the hole and not dancing too much, but when he hits that hole, he is the explosion through the hole that any good running back would show. I thought Ford looked incredible and has a real shot to be the Browns' backup running back up next season. This year he is probably stuck behind Kareem Hunt and D’Ernest Johnson, but this is an excellent dynasty stash.

Next is RB Ty Chandler of the Minnesota Vikings. If you’ve been around the DD crew you know that Ray and myself have been some of the biggest fans of Ty Chandler. Boy, what a debut he had. 5 carries for 50 yards, and a kickoff return for 56 yards. He absolutely jumps off the screen at you with his vision, cutting ability, and explosiveness. There is no doubt in my mind that Chandler can be a productive running back in the NFL. Alexander Mattison is still in town, but probably only for this year. Then it will be time for Chandler to shine. I think Chandler if he gets a chance to play is someone we will be quite interested in coming into this year.

Lastly, I’m going to give you a Wide Receiver. I know I’ve been pounding running backs in this column for the last few weeks but I’m going to give you one wide receiver who really has caught my eye all preseason and training camp. Shemar Bridges of the Baltimore Ravens. He’s a UDFA wideout they signed and boy has he been impressive every step of the way, including a touchdown catch in Preseason Week 1. Bridges is a big-bodied 6’4 wide receiver who has great hands. He is so different than all the other wide-outs that Baltimore has with his size. I really like everything I’ve heard and seen about this young man and think he has a really good shot of making the Ravens roster and being a factor for them this year. He could be just a red zone-type weapon but if Proche and Duvernay do not work out, I could see Bridges in the starting lineup at some point!

Let’s see how these young men look in Preseason Week 2!

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