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Darnell Washington has been a hot topic after his incredible combine. The 5-star recruit had his best collegiate year in 2022 but was never truly used as a weapon within the Georgia Bulldog offense. Brock Bowers (TE, 2024) was the focal point of the Georgia passing attack, and Washington was mostly used as a blocker in their run-first offense. However, his athletic ability and prospect pedigree may lead to NFL success.

The lack of collegiate production is his biggest flaw. No, I did not color the photo above in red to match Georgia’s colors; his production metrics are on the far low end of what we want to see. Luckily for Washington, the production metrics are not always a great indicator of NFL success. If the NFL draft capital follows his incredible athleticism (117.8 Speed Score and 9.85 RAS), Washington will be a target for me in all of my upcoming rookie drafts.

Many people in the Destination Devy community have been pumping out Underdog drafts this week, so I thought it might be appropriate to take a peek at where people are drafting these 2023 rookies. I’m a big fan of the platform on the simple premise that you have to pay money to even participate in these drafts, so the ADP overall feels like a true representation of where people are really at with these players. Thematically, I feel most of these rookies are undervalued right now, and once they get capital, Underdog drafters will feel more secure pulling the trigger. Here are some of my observations regarding the 2023 rookies.

  • Quentin Johnston with an ADP of 82.5 vs Jaylin Hyatt with an ADP of 113.8. Why spend a 6 round pick on Johnston today, when I can have a three round discount on Hyatt who, like Johnston, is in line for similar opportunities as a first round talent.

  • Sean Tucker is being drafted as the rookie RB6 with an ADP of 154.7 in the 12th round. With how little buzz Tucker is actually getting at the NFL level this feels like one to avoid for me. I will happily take Tyjae Spears instead on a minor discount at 161.7 who is getting day two buzz and had a phenomenal workout at his pro day this week to further elevate his stock.

  • We believe the rookie TE class is not only elite but also deep, so it puzzles me why Michael Mayer has an ADP of 163.5 while the rest of the class is available after 200. Mayer in round 13 or Musgrave in round 20? If I am gonna risk a rookie TE dart, I wanna shoot that shot as late as I can.

Stroud, Young, and Richardson all hover in the round 13 range, and poor Will Levis is way down at ADP 209.3, good for round 17. I think there could be some strategy to building around Levis in some of your drafts as a way to be unique from the crowd. You would think his ADP would rise once people confirm he is a first-round selection in April, but maybe people are just so dug in at this point that little will sway them. Enjoy a four-round discount on Levis if you don’t mind taking a risk on a rookie QB.

To check out Underdog's full ranking set, go to the link below. You must have a login, so why not sign up and deposit money using the code WAKEUP for a 100% boost on your first deposit up to $100.

Injury Profile: Brock Purdy, QB SF

This will be a fun six months for 49ers fans. The absolute best-case scenario played out for Purdy’s surgery on March 10, revealing that he was able to proceed with the UCL repair with an internal brace as the specialist expected after giving him more time to reduce swelling and increase the pre-operative range of motion. Why was this best case? Because instead of requiring a Tommy John procedure (reconstruction) or having his surgery pushed back again, Purdy’s surgery was performed exactly six months away from Week 1 of the 2023 season.

In theory, Purdy should be able to begin throwing between the 3-month and the 4-month timeline, which would give him roughly 2-3 months to ramp up full throwing activity. He will need to transition through the overall depth/distance of throws, number of throws, velocity in throws, volume of throws, and overall strength. Can he get there in six months? That’s the million-dollar question, and again, he has to hit every single milestone to perfection without any setbacks or room for error in order to be ready for week 1. Not impossible, but also not probable, given what we’re accustomed to seeing in the NFL regarding injuries.

The key here is that the first step of “Best Case Scenario” has hit. From here on out, he and the 49ers need every single other best-case scenario step to also hit, with absolutely zero room for error or setbacks. Otherwise, the team will be looking at a true QB battle (let’s be real… Trey Lance would start, but we all know how Twitter is) between Lance and newly, cheaply signed Sam Darnold. This scenario could very well play out since what are the odds of a best-case scenario actually playing out in regard to an NFL injury? Nick Mullens is the best comp out there for what Purdy is going through, and he took eight months to get up to full speed. Arguably, Purdy had the better arm talent and decision-making, but the injury recovery is the same. I think one key variable here that I’m keeping in mind in regard to best case scenario is that Purdy has Drew Brees in his corner, and we all know how Brees would attack his rehab. Just one little boost towards Purdy’s chances for a true 6-month recovery in order to start week one.

For fantasy purposes, for the most part, this is a situation that I would rather stay away from. Most likely, if someone is holding on to Trey Lance, the price tag is a little too high or too uncomfortable compared to the risk of the 49ers turning it right back over to Purdy. My bias says to buy low on Lance, as I do think the chances of Purdy starting week 1 has a very tight window, but that’s simply my opinion. From what John Lynch and players (primarily Kittle and Warner) have said, it seems like Trey Lance will have to enter OTAs/camp and absolutely dominate in order to take this job away from Purdy. It would not surprise me if Lance begins the season as the week one starter if Purdy winds up starting on PUP, but then Purdy takes back over once he’s actually ready to play at some point throughout the season.

Follow me @jmthrivept for live updates over the off-season.

Beyond the Mic🎙

Pre-NFL Rookie drafts? Mike talks about the wildness that is these types of drafts

March Madness is here. College basketball is also having a tournament too.

The best part of March is the crazy world of dynasty. Startups are popping off left and right, and orphans are being filled. People are jockeying for positions in your upcoming rookie drafts. One of my favorite guilty pleasures of March: NFL Free Agency.

Do you know how immediately after some news breaks on a player signing somewhere, if it’s positive, that player immediately goes on the block in all your leagues? I’ve never seen so many Baker Mayfields, Case Keenum's, and Josh Olivers pop up on the trade block before. They are everywhere. The value swings can be wild. You have to admit,It’s pretty fun holding some of these lotto tickets and getting that immediate value swing. Or, conversely, you lose it all. A bit like the rush of gambling because It basically is the same thing.

This was a long-winded way of telling you that PRE NFL ROOKIE DRAFTS ARE THE WAY!

I’ll stop yelling now. I’m sorry.

Pre-NFL rookie drafts are awesome. All that rush of free agency, but with far more value swings. Far more intrigue of the prospects. Are we getting the next Jalen Hurts, or are we getting the next Geno Smith? Henry Ruggs or Justin Jefferson?

The values you can get are absolute game-changers. The downside is drafting Malik Willis 1.01.

Call me crazy, but I can’t get enough of this game.

@fantasygenes and @just_ike09 talk D. Swift & DJ Moore

We have seen players make moves to new teams, and now we are in the guessing game of how we think this impacts their fantasy outlook. One data point we can use is bestball ADP. Underdog has contests drafting all day every day, and we will highlight a couple of players using the public sentiment from March 1st to the first few days of free agency.

We’ve talked about one of the fantasy community's favorite RBs, D'Andre Swift. Currently, on Underdog, Swift's ADP is at 57.6 (end of the 5th round). This is a 3-spot fall from the beginning of the month. Comfortably in the running back dead zone, but I am really worried about the potential usage for him because they brought in David Montgomery, and he has three down-back capabilities.

We imagine him being used similarly to last year, where he gets 9-12 touches and with no way to know if he is going to be the primary 3rd down back. If you don't feel right taking him in the late 5th round, you can grab a proven WR like Keenan Allen or Chris Godwin if you believe in Mayfield or get an old veteran like Dalvin Cook, who we know will command RB1 usage with the Vikings.

From one fantasy community favorite to another, let’s talk D.J. Moore! He has finally been freed & is now tethered to Justin Fields - the most talented QB who he’s ever played with. His current Underdog ADP is 41.4 (WR20 range) as which is up ten spots since 3/1.

Moore led the league in air yards share (48%) despite catching passes from the likes of Baker Mayfield & PJ Walker. While Justin Fields had his struggles as a passer in 2022 (mostly due to the lack of offensive talent around him), he was 8th in the league in yards per attempt (per PlayerProfiler) & middle of the pack in deep ball accuracy rating.

The Bears have shown they’re committed to Fields & with DJ Moore in the fold; we believe these two will connect on quite a few big plays this season. Make sure you stack them in best ball drafts on Underdog!

Eric discusses Free agency and some moves he liked.

NFL Free Agency has begun, and we’re in the thick of it right now. Today I want to look at three signings so far that I am pretty excited about for fantasy. This goes for anyone who has changed teams or gone back to their former team even.

The first one I wanted to highlight here is RB David Montgomery heading to Detroit. Monty is basically just filling the Jamaal Williams role now. Monty is a better receiving back than Jamaal Williams was, so I think Monty will at least give the Lions a better option in the backfield in a few ways. One being their plays won’t be so obvious now. Monty can beat you both ways, so it won’t be a dead giveaway that it’s going to be a run play with Monty in there. Swift is going to get his work, no doubt. He’s going to be a 12-15ish MAX touch guy I would bet, though. So that should leave plenty of meat there on the bone for Monty to still be a top 24 RB weekly.

The next one I’m going to highlight is WR Juju Smith-Schuster going to the Patriots. This one is just pretty obvious here; he’s the #1 option there as of right now. Juju takes Jakobi Meyers's spot, and there just isn’t anyone there to really compete with Juju for targets. Juju is still massively under-appreciated in fantasy right now, especially on KTC. So, I think Juju is going to be a nice value this year, and he should be a top-30 WR this season.

The last one is going to be the man I mentioned earlier, and that is Jamaal Williams. He ends up in New Orleans. Now with a possible Kamara suspension looming, and regardless he should be in the same spot he was last year with Swift in this New Orleans offense. Good spot here for Williams, who early on could really care if Kamara misses time with a suspension. Then when Kamara comes back, obviously, he will be dialed back just a little bit, but he should still be that hammer on the goal line. I think Williams should still be a good option in fantasy this year, and I’m not expecting 17 TDs again, BUT is ten too crazy? I don’t think so.

Let’s hope we get to see some crazy trades like we did last year and spice up this free agency even more!

Let us know on Twitter if you make any deals!

Dynasty Trade of the week

There's a lot of moving parts in this deal. Which side would you want? The Hurts side of the Barkley/Tua/1.02 side?

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