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I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and getting in some Underdog drafts like I am. I pulled my latest exposure for the 2023 season to make sure my portfolio is well-balanced. I now have 30 completed entries across the various tournaments this summer. Weekly winners, Superflex, and anything predraft are not a part of this data set.

I love seeing Patrick Mahomes as my most-owned quarterback in any format. It’s even better when you have a bunch of Travis Kelce with it too. At nearly 20% exposure on each, this is one combo I’m happy to be overexposed on.

Jerick McKinnon, Alvin Kamara, and David Montgomery are my top three running backs. I drafted multiple shares of these guys before more recent increases in their ADP. Now I plan to slow down on all three to diversify to other options in that range.

Tyler Lockett, Diontae Johnson, and Amari Cooper command the top of my receiver exposure, with eight shares each. Cooper has been the most stable of the three all off-season with his late third-round ADP, so I may continue taking him. Johnson, however, has become routinely taken in the fifth round versus the many shares I snagged in the seventh, so he is off-limits for me going forward.

Analyzing your exposure in this manner now can lead to better decision-making when you are on the clock. Pivot to options that will help balance your portfolio while maintaining your roster construction goals.


For the last two years, I have worked on and provided weekly NCAA reports covering a few statistics for all positions. This year, we’re taking it to another level. More advanced statistics will be provided, and the reports got a bit of a facelift as well. Take a look at the 2024 WR preview below.

The “Wide Receiver Holy Trinity” (target share, air yard share, and yards after catch per reception) will now be provided on a weekly basis within these wide receiver reports.

In addition to the revised NCAA reports, in 2023, we’ll be providing weekly NFL reports as well.

These reports will be available to all Destination Devy members once the season kicks off. Be sure you’re tapped into all the Destination Devy social media feeds to stay up-to-the-minute for all news.


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How many of you missed that sinking feeling in your chest, likely with a little bit of numbness and tingling down your left arm, some pain in your neck and jaw, any time your favorite star player got injured during training camp? It really just means one thing…. NFL IS BACK, BABY!!

Joe Burrow gave us a terrifying, bowel-emptying, acid-pouring-into-eyes-as-our-fantasy-teams-fall-apart moment when he went down with a non-contact injury to his right lower extremity. I’ll get this point out ASAP: it appears that Burrow truly has avoided worst-case scenario, as seen in this video, that him pointing his toes downward would be incredibly difficult if he had an Achilles tear. I know the fun thing to do is doubt what Zac Taylor says about injuries (we know he has a past), but it appears that the team’s initial concern on it strictly being a calf strain appears to be true. Burrow began his day with a new sleeve around his right calf, one that he was not wearing yesterday, so he was already dealing with some calf discomfort or soreness prior to this incident. I expect the team to shut him down for a few weeks to let the calf fully heal because these injuries can actually lead to an increased risk for Achilles injuries (see: Kevin Durant). Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief.

The Burrow incident overshadowed an equally concerning incident involving Garrett Wilson rolling his ankle and limping off of the field with trainers. Reports indicate that it’s a mild ankle sprain, but he could also miss a few weeks. This injury is unlikely to linger into the season, so also breathe a sigh of relief here.

I know I’ll eventually have to stop discussing Javonte Williams in here, but you can’t stop me yet: he was just cleared for contact, which is huge news in his attempt to be cleared to play for week 1. While I’m not sure if he will be fantasy-viable as a starter for week 1, I can’t emphasize enough that him being active for the start of the season is fantastic news for his ability to ramp up and be fantasy-viable sooner than later. He’s still wearing his sport brace, but my guess is that he will aim to ditch the brace within the next 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the season. He’s on a great track.

As we’ve all likely heard, Kadarius Toney had to have a second arthroscopic knee surgery to address a meniscus/cartilage injury. I’m unsure of which side is involved this season, but it’s important to note that he had to have a similar surgery on one of his knees last year in camp with the Giants. Based on how he moves, my guess would be it involves his right knee. Of note, while many will run towards Skyy Moore, it sounds like the Chiefs brass has been leaning on Justyn Ross in camp and letting him show them what he can do. He could be quite the nice stash for trade value.

One last reminder: Take advantage of your league settings!! If your rosters don’t lock until just before Week 1, ANY players placed on PUP should be slid into your IR slots. This opens up spaces for free waiver adds and stashing trade/hype value leading up to the season.

Follow me @jmthrivept for live updates over the off-season.

Beyond the Mic🎙

Are you or a loved one suffering from Breece Hall panic? Has the news of a visit from a 28-year-old (on August 10th) running back visiting the Big Apple caused dizziness, nausea, dynasty hold, regret, or worse? If so, then you may be entitled to a quick stress relief session with ATM.

Breece Hall is an incredibly talented runner that just turned 22 in May and has this season, as well as two more, on his rookie contract. The Jets drafted Israel Abanikanda in this year's draft while still rostering Michael Carter and Zonovan Knight, who showed more than capable in a few spot starts last year.

Breece Hall wasn’t going to take every single running back touch this year. He is coming off of an ACL injury, and wisely, the Jets are looking to bring in other players that can help ease his workload, especially early in the season as he adjusts to his surgically repaired knee. Does the presence of Dalvin Cook limit Breece’s upside in fantasy for 2023? Yes

Can Breece Hall still be efficient and handle the majority of the touches when his body is ready? Yes.

If it took Dalvin Cook visiting the Big Apple to realize Breece Hall likely will take some time before he returns to his old form, you didn’t deserve Breece in the first place.

If you are going to shop Breece right now, that is one thing, but understand that you have missed his sell-high window, and if you are going to sell him now, it should be structured in specific ways that clearly help you this season. Also, understand that many people in the market are not thrilled about this visit, which ultimately means you should brace for tons of lowball offers.


This is not the best news for Breece Hall, but this is still an elite-level running back who is capable of being a difference-maker at the position even later in this 2023 season. Breece Hall ultimately was not likely to get over 20 touches every game this season, even with the current running backs on the roster.


When it comes to the TE position, there is not a more polarizing player in fantasy football than Kyle Pitts. After having over 1,000 yards as a rookie at 10.4 ppg (TE11), he disappointed many fantasy managers (including myself) with a very subpar season at only 7.6 ppg (TE22).

While his talent & athleticism is undeniable, much of the disappointment in 2022 can be explained by the offensive scheme (only ranked 29th in routes run at TE) & the awful QB play of Marcus Mariota. Here is a snapshot of how bad it was:

  • 21% completion on passes 20+ yards (dead last; min. 200 atts)

  • 26% of Mariota’s targets were uncatchable

  • Most uncatchable targets to the TE position

  • 33rd in deep ball completion % and deep ball accuracy rating (via PlayerProfiler)

  • Completed only 3 of 19 deep targets to Pitts (15.8%)

Despite how bad it was in 2022, there are still some reasons to be optimistic about Kyle Pitts. Arthur Smith, as much as we rag on him about his archaic philosophy, has come out this offseason and stated that he wants the offense to be more balanced - they were 31st in pass attempts per game (24.5) in 2022. Even getting that number between 30-35 would be a nice start.

When the Falcons threw (at least tried to throw) the ball last season, Kyle Pitts was targeted down the field often and at a higher rate than the other pass-catchers (including Drake London) on the field. His ranks in these categories (via PlayerProfiler):

  • 1st in target rate (34%)

  • 1st in air yards share (33%) & unrealized air yards (QB play)

  • 1st in deep targets (36% of his targets were 20+ yards down the field)

  • 2nd in aDot (13.1)

While we understand Desmond Ridder wasn’t good in his small 4-game sample in 2022, we also have to factor in that he didn’t share the field with Pitts (was out w/ MCL injury). Pitts is currently going off the board as the TE5 on Underdog (pick 69), as that is nearly 3.5 rounds later than he was in 2022. Getting a talent of his caliber in the 7th round, I am in on that price & will take the discount this summer in drafts.

With the first week of training camp kicking off this week, I'm sticking true to the Overreaction Pod name and highlighting some of the overreactions I've seen so far. I'll also tell you whether I personally buy or fade the hype. Rapid fire style, LET’S GO!

Assuming health, it would be shocking if Darren Waller doesn’t lead the team in targets this season.

- Believe the hype. The Giants continue to bring in smaller slot receivers, most recently Cole Beasley. Darren Waller could lead this team in both targets and red zone targets.

Sean McVay sees Tutu Atwell emerging as a top option behind Cooper Kupp and Van Jefferson.

- Fade the hype. While it may be true that Atwell has the current leg up for the No 3 WR role, at the very least, I don't believe it matters. Rookie WR Puka Nacua has had a strong offseason by all reports, and I don't think Skoronek is going away, either. Basically, if you're not Cooper Kupp, I don't really care.

Rashaad Penny received the first-team offensive reps on the Eagles’ first day of training camp.

-Fade the hype. While I love Penny and am not the biggest Swift fan, I don't believe this matters. I expect this backfield to have four main contributors while healthy, and fantasy managers won’t be able to rely on anyone consistently. Hurts, Swift, Penny, and somehow even Gainwell and Scott will all get varied work in week 1.

The belief in league circles is that Dalvin Cook will sign with the Jets before the weekend is over. (And for fantasy, this does not bode well for either)

- Both???? Hopefully, this isn't confirmed by the time you read this, but even if it is... I don't believe this is necessarily bad. While it does limit the upsides of Breece and Dalvin, this is what a Hackett/Rodgers offense has always functioned as of late. 2 guys, most recently Dillion and Jones, splitting the work. I think the issue here is determining which handles the majority of the passing work. My bet is still on Breece down the stretch, and I believe he could still be a top-12 RB in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, I believe Cook could provide high RB2 numbers all season long.

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