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This week will be taking a deeper look at the only player that performed at the NFL Combine last week, Anthony Richardson. Wait. Were there more players there than just him? Based on my timeline on Twitter, I must have been fooled. Anyway, let’s dive into the most polarizing QB prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft Class.

As mentioned already, the 6’ 4”, 244 lb QB lit up the NFL Combine last weekend, putting up wild athletic numbers to make him the most athletic QB ever with a RAS of 10.00. At that size, it is flat-out incredible what he did in Indianapolis. This type of athletic ability has set Twitter on fire and has him in many people’s 1.01 consideration. Is he there for me? Short answer, no.

In my Post Combine Analytics Grades, Anthony Richardson grades out as a Gold level (Tier 3) prospect, putting him as the QB3 in this class. His overall grade is hurt by his lackluster collegiate passing numbers. His best season ESPN QBR is only 70.6, and his best season PFF Pass Grade is only a 70.5, both of which are near the bottom levels in my model. Additionally, Richardson scores extremely low in his Career TD/INT Ratio (1.6). His rushing stats and athleticism really boost up his rating and even with the rushing yard share as one of my highest-weight inputs, it isn't enough to put him into 1.01 consideration for me. Assuming Young, Stroud, Richardson, and Levis all get early 1st Round NFL Draft Capital, Richardson will likely be my QB3 headed into Rookie Draft Season.

The NFL Combine has come and gone, and with it, we have more information about these prospects and where they may fall in our rookie drafts. This event is not the be-all end-all for these young men, but it is a significant data point in terms of evaluation and expected draft capital. Let’s take a look at some of the notable risers and fallers in our post combine ADP.

Darnell Washington (TE, Georgia) - This unicorn of a human being made sure to leave the event with everyone in the space salivating over him. At 6’7” and 264 pounds he ran a 4.64 40-yard dash with one of the fastest shuttle times at the NFL Combine clocking 4.08 seconds. His strength is more than apparent when we watched him push those sleds with ease and of course, the highlight reel one-hander on the sideline was the icing on the cake. Washington had an ADP of 39.0 in February and has vaulted himself into the second round with an ADP of 21.2 across our first five mocks this week.

Marvin Mims (WR, Oklahoma) - Mims definitely improved his stock this week with an excellent performance in the 40-yard dash of 4.38. He has an amazing burst as well, evidenced by his 39.5” vertical jump and 10’ 9” broad jump. These are the types of traits NFL teams are looking for at the next level; combining speed and burst with silky routes will get his name moving up draft boards. Our community feels a lot better about the attention Mims is getting now as he moves from 31.5 in February up to the mid-second with an ADP of 17.4 this month.

Kenny McIntosh (RB, Georgia) - This Bulldog did not have his best day, to say the least, with a 4.62 40-yard dash that left analytics nerds in shambles with his final speed score of 89.5. The threshold we are looking for is 100, with speed score historically showing a decent correlation to fantasy production. This isn’t Kyren Williams bad from last year, but it’s not what you wanna see out of promising prospects. McIntosh is sliding from an ADP in February of 23.3 to the #AnyRBona53 zone at 37.5 in March.

Kayshon Boutte (WR, LSU) - Something is up with Boutte, and I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it. This guy is literally living on his name from devy days past, and frankly we are on life support at this point. Boutte seemed uninterested at the NFL Combine, as if he’s just going through the motions of being there rather than elevating his effort. Boutte was selected with an ADP of 15.6 in February, but was finally lowered to 30.2 as a third round selection in March so far. Like most people, I love his freshman year and what he was then, but it feels like something has changed, and he’s just not as promising as we had once hoped.

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Beyond the Mic🎙

Mike talks about the 1.01 rookie pick and who you might consider with that pick.

Well folks, the combine has come and gone. Twitter is up in arms. You got Quarterbacks flying up draft boards, tight ends opening their eyes, and elite wide receivers still showing they are elite. For you 2023 rookie draft pick holders, this past week was a best-case scenario. Hype season has kicked off! But you knew this, didn’t you? You tap into Destination Devy. What you didn’t expect is how serious the conversation is going to get about Bijan Robinson not being the 1.01 rookie pick. Crazy? No. Probably wrong though. Let’s look at it.

Bijan has been our savior for years. Dynasty Gamers have been drooling over his profile. He’s been consistently mocked at the top of this class since his Freshman year at Texas. Bijan did absolutely nothing wrong at the combine to change any of that. NOTHING! He’s bona fide good. The problem isn’t Bijan. The problem, and why you are going to see loads of conversation and differing opinions on 2023 1.01, is what happened to the Quarterback landscape in 2022. It went right in the tank. Securing a top 8 QB in a dynasty league has never been more difficult. The prices have never been higher. The old adage remains true. The cheapest place to acquire an elite QB is still the draft. Startup or ROOKIE draft. This is why people are jumping at A-Rich, Stroud, Young, etc. It is damn near impossible to acquire a top 12 QB, let alone a top 8 for less than two future 1st round picks. RBs on the other hand, are in the toilet. Even the ones as sound as Bijan MF Robinson.

People are going to jump at QBs in your upcoming drafts. Except maybe Will Levis; everyone still hates him 😉 . I am the biggest proponent of QBs, but I am here to say, PUMP THE BRAKES! I won’t fight you if you want to go that route this year, just don’t think it’s wise. Bijan is good. Potentially game-changing. Even if it’s for just four years, he’s the safe bet. Don’t let the sour taste of 2022 put you on full tilt.

Gene and Ike Talk about Top Pick odds

Now that the combine has come & gone, where we witnessed players wow us with their measurements, 40 times or arm strength, now what?

Who’s going to go #1? Now that we know Bryce Young is 200lbs & Anthony Richardson is 1 of 1 type of athlete let’s see how Vegas adjusted.

Before the combine (Feb 27th), Richardson’s best odds to be the #1 overall selection was +800 via PointsBet. He has moved a lot since his perfect RAS score performance, but you can get him at Fanduel +600.

Bryce Young only measured, and his odds have now moved from -105 to -165 (PointsBet). While CJ Stroud put on a show with his arm, his odds actually moved from +250 before the combine to +400 (BetMGM). The two defensive players we saw that were a possibility to be #1, Jalen Carter (+6600 at PointsBet) and Will Anderson (+1500 at Caesars), have now moved to long shots. Feel free to sprinkle a little where you see fit!

From a best ball ADP perspective, Young, Stroud & Richardson were/are all going in the QB20+ range on Underdog (20, 23, 29, respectively) pre-combine. Post-combine, Richardson has seen the biggest jump & is now going QB24. The best bet is to take advantage of these ADPs before odds & other news continue to cause more shifts. The days of getting Richardson at or near pick 170+ on Underdog will soon fade away!

Eric has some Dynasty WRs to target as the off-season begins.

This week I wanted to finish up my buys for the dynasty off-season with the Wide Receivers. With free agency starting here shortly, things could change in a hurry with some of these guys, but here’s who I am looking at that I’d like to buy.

The first one is the man who is a free agent and could be the best WR in this year’s free agent class, and that is Jakobi Meyers from currently New England but is a FA now. Meyers has gone from undrafted to a really productive slot WR in the NFL. Meyers, I would still like to see back with New England but another team who could use a productive slot WR and maybe a QB upgrade? I’m all for that. Meyers is really in the WR3 range for fantasy purposes and will most likely stick there, but he is a good buy this off-season. I think his best seasons could still be ahead of him.

Next up is WR56 Nico Collins of the Houston Texans. With Brandin Cooks most likely being shipped out this offseason somewhere, Nico Collins should be the defacto #1 WR in Houston, barring a major trade or something along those lines. Even if the Texans use their other 1st RD pick from Cleveland or even a 2nd RD pick on a WR, Collins is the veteran, going into year 3 now. Collins could really ascend now. He’s going to get a QB upgrade this off-season with whomever the Texans take at QB as well. Sign me up for some Nico Collins this off-season.

The last guy I want to highlight here is another free agent, and that is DJ Chark, formerly of the Detroit Lions. Chark could also be right behind Meyers as the most coveted WR this off-season on the FA market, so Chark could land a nice deal in a great spot. Chark will also be another year removed from his ACL injury, so I think the arrow is still pointing up on Chark here, and I want to take a shot at him. If I can Chark for fairly cheap, I’m all in on picking some of him up and seeing where it goes.

Let us know on Twitter if you make any deals!

Dynasty Trade of the week

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