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Underdog continues to occupy my time through the summer with The Chihuahua up and running at only four dollars an entry. The ADP has begun to feel more solidified than in the previous month as we get closer to the regular season. Ideally, I like to construct 2-5-8-3 builds on Underdog with a Hero RB strategy.

One trend I am noticing in a majority of my drafts is how wide receiver-heavy they have become despite the format being half PPR. If you pass on receiver through the early rounds, you will most likely subject yourself to WR3 types at best to fill your starting requirements. Hero RB will allow us to still capture a competitive WR room in this landscape while gaining a positional edge at RB through better roster construction and an understanding of half ppr scoring. Profiles with RB1 overall upside continue to be bypassed from this wide receiver demand, so enjoy the discounts and strategically use it to your advantage.

Last week, I talked about how Atlanta’s Drake London is one of my biggest buys this offseason, and I’m going to follow that up with another WR I’m trying to buy: Denver’s WR Jerry Jeudy

Jerry Jeudy started off a little slow last year, only catching 17 passes through Week 6. He started to get it going in Weeks 7 and 8, only to have a minor injury, and bye week put that to rest. However, in Weeks 14 through 18, Jeudy and Russ started to cook. The Broncos’ WR was the WR5 (96.8 PPR points) over the final five weeks of the season, only trailing Justin Jefferson, DeVonta Smith, Keenan Allen, and CeeDee Lamb. Jeudy saw 44 targets, catching 33 for 458 yards and 3 TDs during that stretch. Additionally, Jeudy was 7th in yards after the catch (174), saw 33.3% of the Broncos’ air yards, and had a 25% target share. His EPA per catch and EPA per target were both top 10 of all WRs during that stretch as well.

Long story short, Jeudy has had a shaky career between injuries and questionable cooking from Russ, but I see nothing but upside for the 4th year WR. All season-long metrics shown in the radar chart below are above average, even near the top for most. I’m expecting big things from Jeudy for 2023 onward.


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Russell Wilson dealt with several low-concerning injuries in his first year in Denver, including a concussion, a mild shoulder strain, a moderate hamstring strain, and a knee sprain. He was able to play through most of these injuries, though we found out that he had arthroscopic surgery on his knee (a scope, easy cleanup earlier in the off-season. These surgeries are very common and fairly simple to recover from, so I would anticipate him having zero complications into OTAs and camp. It should not be concerning for his rushing upside, though we still aren’t sure what to expect as he’s now with Sean Payton instead of Nathaniel Hackett. Last year he had the third-worst rushing season of his career and worst touchdown total so far, but the injuries may have been limiting him, amongst other variables, including the ineptitude of his prior play caller and head coach.

From an injury perspective, the 2022 injuries should be of low concern for 2023. Of note, it seems like the biggest concern is the fact, based on beat writers’ presumptions, that this year is a trial year to see if Russ works well with Sean Payton, or if they need to move on after the season. I think it’s important to note that last year was his first season in a new setting after spending his entire career in Seattle, and he was likely still mourning/coping with the loss of his very close friend and mental health coach throughout the season. I’m personally expecting a bounce back from Russ this season and am in at cost, which could wind up being a big pay-off for contenders in superflex leagues if you can get him at a discount from a concerned manager.

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Beyond the Mic🎙

In the late part of June, rookie fever is still rampant in the dynasty community. This hype for all the younger players in dynasty presents a unique opportunity to buy players who are on the older side but still have the opportunity to score fantasy points for your dynasty team in 2023! I hope by now many of you have checked the price on many of these aging veterans at a multitude of positions, I want to give you one wide receiver who is currently criminally valued at the moment: Brandin Cooks.

Brandin Cooks will turn 30 in September and is coming off of one of his worst seasons in his career. Last year the Houston Texans started Davis Mills, Kyle Allen, and Jeff Driskel. He became clearly frustrated with the QB play and the fact that the Houston Texans roster clearly demonstrated they were rebuilding. After requesting a trade and the Texans holding Cooks past the NFL trade deadline, his season was a massive disappointment. Thirty years old and not producing in the prior season is exactly why he is valued as WR59 on KeepTradeCut.

The cost of acquisition for Brandin Cooks is at an all-time low. This is a guy who has six seasons over 1000 yards and was inside the top 20 in PPG at the receiver position for those six seasons.

In 2021, he had a significantly better season with Davis Mills and Tyrod Taylor at the helm, finishing WR19 in PPG, in a situation that was not very good.

Brandin Cooks was traded to the Dallas Cowboys, who desperately need a number 2 wide receiver. Dak Prescott is a good quarterback for fantasy purposes and has supported multiple weapons for years in fantasy. Dallas traded Amari Cooper to the Browns before the 2021 season, which turned out to be a very poor decision. Dalton Schultz was 2nd in receiving yards for Dallas last season, and he is now in Houston. Outside of CeeDee Lamb, there are tons of targets to be had in this offense which we expect to score fantasy points!

I prefer him in bestball leagues, but even in lineup leagues, for the cost of acquisition, he can provide meaningful depth for your team. Go test the waters on Brandin Cooks, and you may be pleasantly surprised by what he can be acquired for.


Finally Antonio Gibson Szn?

Antonio Gibson is better than Brian Robinson. It’s really that simple. It now appears that the Washington Commanders’ are starting to get on board with this rationale.

While we don’t put too much stock into coachspeak in the middle of June, coach Ron Rivera called him a “matchup nightmare” in a recent interview. No kidding. He played WR in college & just last year, he was top 15 in RB targets, target share, yards per reception & yards per route run — all while not having a full-time role in the offense.

He still outproduced Brian Robinson in 2022 as well - 899 total yards, 5 TDs & 11.1 ppg vs 857 total yards, 2 TDs & 9.4 ppg (RB28 & RB36, respectively).

There could be more opportunity for Gibson in 2023 with JD McKissic being gone, all but assuring him the passing down role in new OC Eric Bieniemy’s offense. The only competition added this offseason was 6th-round rookie Chris Rodriguez (who’s more of a threat to Robinson than Gibson). His current ADP of RB34 (105 overall) on Underdog is an absolute steal & you should hammer that draft button as much as possible!

The Overreaction Pod hasn’t had much to overreact to in the past few months. Since draft buzz has died down and we’re in the middle of the dead season, Sony Michel signings are sometimes the highlight of our days. But fear not! This week none other than the man himself Adam Schefter, dropped a quote while on The Pat McAfee Show that threw me into a tizzy.

"There was no trade market for Trey Lance, and the 49ers didn't have any trade talks with teams… Brock Purdy, if he's healthy, is the number one, and my guess going into camp is that Sam Darnold has the edge to be number two"

I am OUT O-U-T OUT on Trey Lance. This is the final straw. I’ve tried to hang onto the vision I had when I was drafting Lance in startups just a year ago at the 1-2 turn-in startups, but I just can’t do it anymore. Call it fatigue, call it jumping the gun, call it overreacting, but I’m out. The value invested in Lance at this point simply doesn’t hold meaning anymore. All of those picks to trade up for Lance at No. 3 overall in the 2021 draft have now been used. The value is a sunk cost. Over Lance’s first two seasons in the league, he’s only appeared in 8 games, started 4, and thrown for a total of 102 passes. The upside is still there with QB finishes of 10 and 14 in his four-started games, but there is just so much here for him to overcome.

The main factor of these is Brock Purdy, who by all accounts, is on track to be back by the start of the season. Regardless of your views on if Purdy sucks or not, he now has almost double the sample size of Lance and at the end of the day, won NFL games. And did so with elite efficiency. In his stretch of games from weeks 13-18, he averaged QB 9 in fantasy. Shanahan has been able to provide an offensive scheme to exceed the physical limitations his QB may have, and at the end of the day, win football games. Even if Purdy does “suck”, he didn’t within that scheme, and he will be continuing to play there for as long as he's healthy.

Now add in the fact that the 49ers went out and spent $4.5 million on Sam Darnold, who now “has the edge to be the number two (behind Purdy).” Sell me on the reason to remain in. The 49ers have no incentive to trade Lance, and no one even picked up the phone to call about his availability. Not even the Texans or Titans, both QB-needy before the draft with significant ties to Lance in now HC Demeco Ryans or GM Ran Carthon, picked up the phone. If the current 49ers staff doesn’t believe in Lance, his old coaches don’t believe in Lance, and the rest of the NFL doesn’t believe in Lance… why are you still believing in him for your fantasy team

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