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⛽️🔥 Talkin' Football with Nate Liss, Selling the '22 Rookies & RB Hit Rates

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Are we Selling the 2022 NFL Rookie Class??

With the majority of the process complete all that is left is for NFL GMs and coaches to decide how much they like the players in the 2022 NFL Draft Class. As fantasy football players we need to be honest and assess just how strong this class is and whether or not these players are over-drafted or under drafted.

Talking Football with Nate Liss

Ray was joined by Nate Liss from The Breakout Finder and Player Profiler to talk some fantasy football, and so much more! Check it out if you missed it live or haven't seen it yet.

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Let's Talk Running Back Hit Rates

A couple of weeks ago we took a look at WR hit rates based on draft capital. Well, with one week until the 2022 NFL Draft, we need to take a look at the other premium position: Running Backs.

The tables below highlight the likelihood a drafted RB will perform at least one top 12 season. The table uses data from and including the 2015 NFL Draft to the 2021 NFL Draft. One table has all seven rounds separated while the other is categorized by day drafted: Day 1 is Round 1, Day 2 includes Rounds 2 & 3, and Day 3 includes Rounds 4, 5, 6, & 7. 

Needless to say, Round 1 is king. If an RB is drafted in the First Round, there is about a 2/3rds chance they will be a top 12 RB at least once. Also, 8 of the 25 total hits (32%) have been First Round Picks.

Rounds 2 (31.3%) and 3 (33.3%) are relatively close in hit rate, which makes sense logically as we primarily consider them together in the Day 2 bucket. However, when comparing Day 2 against Day 1 RBs, the top 12 hit rate is roughly cut in half!

Lastly, the Day 3 crew. Everybody loves their sleeper RB, but with a combined 5.4% top 12 hit rate (6 times less likely than a Day 2 RB), the odds of them becoming an RB1 are extremely slim. Keep that in mind when your 2022 Rookie Drafts roll around!

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Big as Clowney, faster than Jameson Williams

World, meet Nyckoles Harbor, pronounced NICK-A-LIS. Yes, this is a name that nobody will need help saying in a few short years. If you are on social media or own a TV, or a computer, then you heard about this 6’5 freak of an athlete breaking the internet by running a 10.32 100m dash.

If you’re not familiar with track times, for a junior in high school, this is special! When you flip on Harbor’s football HUDL film you will also see a heck of a football player and a Goliath standing next to most. But all that might not even be his best traits. It’s the high bar he sets for himself in anything he does. From wanting to be an NFL star to representing his country in the Olympics, to wanting to be a doctor, Nyckoles does nothing half-heartedly. This is what will make him elite, not just his incredible athleticism. 

Now we don’t know where he will play or what position (has seen time at WR/TE/DE/OLB) but we do know he’ll be great at whatever he chooses. Consider me all in on Team Harbor!

In episode 55, @TheBenEby visits the Central East Region which includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington DC.

Adam (@atm4dchess) and Mike (@iowamichael) are joined by the Director of Analytics at Destination Devy Jordan Backes (@jordanbackes33) to discuss the analytical profiles of some of our favorite targets in rounds 3-5 of rookie drafts.

Gene @FantasyGenes and Ike @Just_Ike09 reassess the 2021 rookie class as they highlight the best, worst & Year 2 breakouts. Ja’Marr Chase vs OBJ rookie seasons - which one was better? The QB class didn’t perform well as a whole but Trevor Lawrence is in a prime bounce-back spot.

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