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College TE Metrics, Training camp injuries continue, and More

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The Best RB in College Football?

Some might say Bijan Robinson, others may say Sean Tucker - but if you listen to Ohio State legends they all say TreVeyon Henderson is primed to become the best to ever play in the Shoe. What most people forget is that TreVeyon didn't play football in his final year of high school. 1248 rushing yards on 183 carries as a true freshman and not playing football as a senior. This season could be a historic one for the rising sophomore sensation and this line of 1165.5 yards on the ground should be an easy clear for this sensational sophomore. Give me ALL the Henderson with this number.

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College Football Previews-Tight Ends

The final piece to the collegiate puzzle is everyone’s favorite position, the Tight Ends. Outside of Michael Mayer and Brock Bowers, who else is there? In my opinion, there are many good college fantasy football options at the position, and some may even translate into successful NFL players.

Note that there are a lot more 2023 TE prospects below. As I mentioned last week, the 2024 season was unfavorable to many freshmen, and even then, producing as a freshman TE is rare. I fully expect more 2024 TEs to be critical pieces to their team’s offense this year.

The production metrics below are some of the analytics I look at when evaluating TE performance and what actually translates to fantasy football success at the NFL level. There are a few volume-based stats and an efficiency-based metric with yards per route run. Descriptions for each statistic are listed at the bottom of the graphic.

This is just one SMALL part of the work that goes into JB's analytic database. To gain access to these types of charts and much more subscribe at the All-American level tier below!

The Destination Devy patreons have been hammering mocks all summer long in anticipation of the college season. One name that was less popular for us but has been on the rise in August is Stanford quarterback Tanner McKee. If you are box score scouting, his 2021 performance of 2327 yards with 15 touchdowns and seven interceptions out of the PAC-12 is simply underwhelming at the surface level. He doesn’t have the name cache like CJ Stroud or Bryce Young but go watch his film. At 6’6” 228lbs, this man is a physical presence in the pocket, can get off his first read, and consistently makes incredible tight window throws. The Cardinal signal-caller has been generating first-round buzz in draft circles. With an ADP of 24.7 in August, the dynasty community is finally warming up to this idea too.

Regarding ADP fallers in August, I want to highlight the entire Texas offense this week, as I have noticed a downward spiral on all of them this month (minus Bijan, of course). Agiye Hall and Isaiah Neyor were brought in as transfers this offseason with the hope of bolstering this wide receiver room. Last week, Hall got arrested like a bonehead and was suspended indefinitely. Neyor suffered a season-ending ACL tear last week, so both of these guys have gone undrafted this week, and I suspect we will never see them chosen again this season. Quinn Ewers has been announced as the starting quarterback for the Longhorns but leading up to this moment; Ewers has been slowly falling from a mid-first-round devy selection into the back half of the first (ADP 11.0). His number one target and only healthy remaining option at WR Xavier Worthy, is also down four spots this month at an ADP of 20.1 after his promising freshman campaign. With how bad the offensive line projects to be and the uncertainty of what a Quinn Ewers lead offense looks like, I don’t blame dynasty managers for being hesitant to select any of these guys

Big news came this morning when Adam Schefter reported that Cowboys LT Tyron Smith suffered a distal avulsion fracture and significant hamstring tear. He will need surgery and likely miss the entire season, a big hit to the upside and ceiling of the Cowboys offense (particularly Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott) in fantasy.

Cowboys WR Michael Gallup will reportedly avoid Reserve/PUP to start the season, so he has a chance to play within the first four games of the season. Time will tell if he is active in week one, but this is great news for a potential mid-season fantasy production surge rather than a likely late-season surge from Gallup.

Ravens RB Gus Edwards has officially been placed on Reserve/PUP, meaning he will miss at least the first four weeks, possibly longer. This does not mean JK Dobbins skyrockets in value, as he is still progressing through his return-to-play steps. I would expect Mike Davis to be an early season play until Dobbins is ready to take on a bigger workload.

The plan remains for Jaguars RB James Robinson to be active for week one, as he has continued to show positive progress in the preseason. Doug Pederson has continued to allude to Robinson as the lead back, but temper expectations for year one return from his Achilles repair.

Respective coaches have insisted confidence in Miles Sanders, Darren Waller, and Elijah Mitchell playing in week one despite their hamstring injuries. We would love to see them get reps in 1-2 weeks prior to the first game of the season to feel confident in playing them in fantasy, but for now, simply monitor the situation and follow me on Twitter @jmthrivept for speedy updates.


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Move over Ja’Marr Chase, the Justin Jefferson trade hysteria has reached new heights. Mike and I are big advocates for tiering down in trades, especially at the wide receiver position. If someone offered me Drake London and Cam Akers for Justin Jefferson, they would certainly have my attention but I would ask for a plus. They then agree the offer is light and come back wanting to swap Christian McCaffrey for my Dameon Pierce. At this point, I wouldn’t be able to sign this paperwork fast enough. This trade becomes an infomercial “But wait there’s more! Act right now and we’ll include Breece Hall for free (Just pay shipping and handling of a 3rd round pick)!

I will acknowledge that I value Justin Jefferson lower than the large majority, but trading all this away for Justin Jefferson is like taking a six-figure payday loan. You likely will never recover. In all seriousness, you should be shopping your Justin Jefferson shares RIGHT NOW. After this tier down, Kilmo is looking to make his claim for the Throne!

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Beyond the Mic🎙

When is the right time to move a 2023 1st First round pick?@ATM gives his advice.

At this point, anyone playing dynasty feels the hype of the 2023 class and knows that 2023 1st round draft picks are liquid gold. As week 1 of the NFL season is rapidly approaching, I think it's critical to know what you want to do with your dynasty team and ultimately make moves with the 2023 draft picks accordingly. If you are in a rebuild and are hoarding these draft picks, you are feeling great. In this position, be mindful of your league mates and their teams. Every year there are failed contenders and if you are sitting on their 2023 first when they realize they are missing the playoffs, this is where your first sell window could open. As great as the 2023 class is, every asset should be moved if someone is willing to overpay. Which brings me to the flip side of the discussion, what is your plan with the 2023 picks as a contender? Right now 2023 first-round picks can net you a serious piece or pieces in many leagues. The season is here which means the dynasty clock has now switched the overwhelming majority of managers to the contending mindset. If you are able to move your 2023 first for the right stud today by all means fire away. However, if you are not getting back a LEGIT player or package for that 2023 pick, don't force a deal right now. That pick will accrue value and as it inevitably becomes clear to some managers that their team is a "pretender", that 2023 pick will buy you something nice and juicy.

Just remember, when your league-mates are playing Chess, play 4D Chess. -ATM

You can check out all the content that the 4D Guys dropped this past week ⬇️

@FantasyGenes Tells us why crafting your own rankings is a good thing

Have you ever been on twitter, tweet out "I have Antonio Gibson at RB 24" and without fail, someone follows up with "that’s too low", you reply with "Where do you have him at" and you get no reply or nothing exact??? Yea me too!!

The one overlooked exercise for the average fantasy player is creating personal rankings and, more importantly, tiers. Creating tiers allows you to stack up any player against other players in that particular position. Taking a step further and creating overall tiers so you can stack a player to others across different places will test how much you value players. Overall, tiers are game changers when you are on the clock in a draft, and because you have done the education, you can look at YOUR tiers and pick with confidence.

Relying on another person's work is fine, but if you really want to take full ownership of your drafts, create your own tiers. The goal is to visibly show when the value drops off in a draft and select targets at different points in a draft.

 @EricVanekNFL gives out his week 2 winners of the preseason.

Preseason Week 2 has now concluded. Rumors are also starting to heat up about potential trades and roster cuts. This week I wanted to give you three players I am looking at potentially being cut or traded to a new place that could impact their fantasy value.

The first one is self-explanatory, and that is RB Kareem Hunt of the Cleveland Browns. Earlier this pre-season, Kareem asked the Browns to be traded and given a new contract extension. Kareem is playing under the final year of his current deal right now. I do not think Kareem will be cut outright, so that is off the table. A trade, though? Absolutely I think it's in play. The Browns' current RB depth chart consists of Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, D'Ernest Johnson, Jerome Ford, and John Kelly. The Browns have the depth to pull off this move IF they get the proper compensation. I think two teams to watch out for here are the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. Last week during joint practices, the photo came out of coach Nick Siriani talking with Kareem on the sideline at one, which led to some fuel for this fire. Also, GM Andrew Berry spent one season under the tutelage of GM Howie Roseman, so there is a connection between these two GMs. Could they be willing to work out some deal and wait until the final preseason games so there are no injuries to the major stars to make this deal work? DDon'tforget Kansas City as well. When Kareem returned to the league, the Browns, Chiefs, and Bears were all in on getting Kareem back. I think there is still mutual interest between the two parties.

Next up is RB Myles Gaskin of the Miami Dolphins. I think Gaskin is a very cheap and perfect option for someone in need of a RB with his skill set. There have been rumors that Gaskin could be a cut, and they’ve been speculated about for a while now. This new coach brought in three new running backs before the NFL draft: Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert, and Sony Michel. Gaskin was going to be expendable after all of those signings. I think Gaskin could still be decent enough to be a feature back in the NFL in a committee. He’s perfect out of the backfield catching passes and still has good vision. I think if Gaskin ends up getting cut or possibly traded, he can go to a team in need of a pass-catching back and make a difference in fantasy this year for you. I am still going to hold onto Myles Gaskin.

The last one I wanted to bring up is UDFA RB Zonovan “Bam” Knight for the New York Jets. I was surprised that Zonovan did go undrafted in the NFL draft. He signed with the Jets, who have a bit of a crowded backfire,ld by drafting Breece Hall, Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson, and a few others. So Zonovan was always going to have a tough hill to climb here. I think Zonovan has looked impressive in the pre-season games and practices by all reports I have seen and read. I think if the Jets try and sneak Zonovan onto their practice squad here, someone will claim him and put him on their 53-man opening day roster. I could see a few spots where Zonovan could be helpful; therefore, I will be holding him and seeing where he ends up. I still love the talent!

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