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2021 Rookie WR Review & Value Check for 2022

Ray and Jordan are continuing with the 2021 Rookie Wide receivers, giving you their recap of the top position in this rookie class along with the outlook for these players in the future.

Michigan RB, Hassan Haskins

A sneak peek behind the curtain of the Backes Analytics database into Hassan Haskins the RB out of Michigan where we can clearly see Haskins broke out in 2020 but did not see the lion share of the carries until 2021. Nothing really in the receiving game and this is why some are speculative over his NFL potential from a fantasy perspective. We like players who dominate early and show the ability to play on all three downs. Haskins is a fine runner but has limited upside at the NFL level unless he winds up in a perfect situation.

For all of the great information provided by Jordan Backes make sure you check out his analytical database as part of the All American membership to Prospect Talk. Click the banner above to find out more about the memberships we have over on Patreon.

The Next Great RB

This week I wanted to highlight one of the prospects from the Podcast, Tre'Veyon Henderson RB, out of THE Ohio State University. The literal second coming of Saquon Barkley when I watch him play. As a freshman, he ran for 1248 yards & 15 TDs while catching 27 passes for 312 yards and another 4 TDs. If you do not know who he is go check out his highlights from a 270-yard performance here

In episode 41, @TheBenEby kicks off the first show of 2022 with his ALL ELITE SEEKERS AWARDS at both the QB and RB position. This show will crown the winners before graduating them out of Elite Seekers altogether as the 2023 NFL Draft eligible group moves on to become upperclassmen!

The inaugural 4D Chess episode! Mike and Adam introduce themselves, dive into what the 4D's of Dynasty is. After the intro, they dive into this 22 QB Class. They look at their ADP data from Destination Devy mock drafts and dive into the value of taking a QB at those spots. Mike goes on a way too long tangent about how much he loves Sam Howell and discusses his "dual-threat".

Gene and Ike recap NFL Week 17 championship weekend as they discuss the unlikely league winning RB’s Rashaad Penny, Boston Scott & Devin Singletary. Russell Wilson & DK Metcalf’s TD connections, and much more!

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